We believe...
that there is a real hunger among women everywhere to finally give themselves permission to be the fully powerful and amazing beings that they are, and that Time for Our Power! is part of a larger transformation that is happening in this country and around the world. Women all over are waking up to their power!

We believe that there is no force more powerful than a woman who believes in herself, follows her passion and brings her unique gifts to the world. In doing so not only does she benefit, but so do all those around her - her family, friends, community, and ultimately the world.

We also believe that humankind's existence on this planet has never been in such jeopardy. The perils are clear: environmental degradation, global warming, war, nuclear proliferation, widespread human rights abuses. Women are uniquely positioned to spark a much needed revolution in human consciousness. The world is in critical need of feminine energy and perspective, and it has never been more important for us to claim and own our power to bring about change.

Its time!


“... I'm tired and am sure you're exhausted, but I just had to tell you that I was blown away and can't find the words to do justice to my thoughts and emotions after attending the conference this weekend. I'm processing like crazy! I may have other comments later, but for now, please add my compliments to the many others you will be receiving for an incredible job on all levels! I look forward to next year already!”

- Susan H. Ward

“... The experience has fired me up to act in a way that I have never experienced before. I also want to share the highlights with everyone I know... that is new for me. I have this urge to find/develop a tribe here so we can support each other the way we all supported each other at the conference.

I have been thinking that I may come down for this event as often as possible, even in the summer, even in the heat.”

- Karen Lynch

“... What a wonderful, inspiring weekend I just spent at the Women's Conference. I came away energized and eager to follow through on the commitments I made and the greater clarity of purpose I gained. I am a facilitator of the new polity and my project of the moment is to make Asheville City Schools a model of effectively integrated schools with equity of acheivement for all.

There were so many opportunities to get clear on next steps toward meaningful goals. Please help facilitate our ongoing connection!  ... Thank you again for your hard work and commitment. I look forward to next year.”

- Kathryn Liss

“... As the memories of the weekend linger in my mind and tickle my heart, I am truly appreciative of all that you three did to bring this into manifestation. It was more than a weekend conference, it is an awakening of the feminine consciousness. I can still feel the power from that. Just one of the presenters would have satisfied me and having so many was amazing! The performances were inspiring and from a participant's perspective everything seemed to run along very smoothly. It was a delight to see each of you lead the panel discussions with ease and grace.”

- Lou

“... Thank you for a fabulous three days!

The speakers were superb. The breakout session subjects were enticing and the ones i attended were excellent. The constant music and variety of performers was awesome. The opening and closing were inspired.

I liked the 'walk to Thomas Wolfe' part as it gave us time to be outside and stretch a little. I was emotionally, spiritually and intellectually moved all weekend. Thank you for your huge hearts and brilliant minds.”

- Totsie Marine

... I hope you have all recovered from the hard work you all did getting the conference together. It was an amazing event and you must be very proud of yourselves. What an amazing group of women!

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for the opportunity it was to have an event like this in Asheville and I pray it is possible to do it again next year! Thank you so much for everything!

- Mary Churney

“... Congratulations, sisters in Spirit, you did an absolutely fabulous job of gathering the women, calling them forward and offering us a juicy and lively smorgasbord spanning the spectrum of women's experiences, tastes, purposes in the world and spiritual, philosophical and socio-political orientations. Your focus on change and empowerment was impeccably consistent. Your selection of entertainment was so honoring of Asheville and it's female talent. The exhibits were colorful and interesting, the local and national presenters were mostly excellent. The food was also beautiful, and the downtown venue was perfect! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for enlivening and activating the women of Asheville and the surrounding areas!

- Anyaa T. McAndrew, MA, LPC, NCC

“... Thoroughly enjoyed it! Very inspiring and enjoyable to be around like minded people who want and do make a huge positive difference in this world. The speakers were great! I was inspired and felt proud to be a woman and part of a group that truly makes a difference in this world.

- Karen Lazzaro

“... I was delighted to be at the conference. There was a genuine air of solidarity and purpose. The conference was well organized and executed with style and grace. I enjoyed the upbeat speakers and sessions. They reinforced for me the idea that there is a new paradigm of power for women in America.

- Lynn Morningstar

“... Thanks for a wonderful event! ! am so glad I traveled from Knoxville to attend. Speakers were outstanding. Venue was perfect. The three organizers did an incredible job. ... I hope we can have one next year. Blessings

- Toni Stephenso

“... As an exhibitor and an attendee, I thought the conference was excellent. The program was phenomenal with the range of speakers and topics along with the tremendous variety of entertainment offerings ... I trust that the word will spread and next year's conference will exceed your expectations.

- Angelyn Whitmeyer

“... Thank you so much for organizing a beautiful conference! It was inspirational and validating. It struck me at the end that while our country is in an energy crisis, we certainly had no shortage of energy and power. I think this is both poetic and a hopeful sign of things to come. Everyone was fantastic! Very, very impressive.

- Beth Remmes

“... I thought it was very well done, quality presenters with unique messages, which still tied together as a whole. The vendors were really high quality along with everything else. You ladies did a superb job and I am very grateful that you were so dedicated to actually accomplish this conference. Thank you.

- Becky G.

“... Absolutely amazing! I was inspired and charged for many days after conference...very worthwhile and well planned

- W.K. Stunja

“... Excellent — high caliber, inspiring and brilliant thinkers, speakers & activists. Loved Phil Borges' talk. Yes, the power of one is important ... I only attended Sunday, and thought it was spectacular!

- Patrice Dickey

“... I loved it. I had a wonderful time and learned a lot. I can't wait for next year's conference. The general session speakers were absolutely great. I really liked the Women Empowered photography session. It was very moving and empowering.

- Diane Leonard

“... I was extremely impressed with [the conference]. I thought the vendors were fabulous, the speakers were very motivating and touching (I was only there on Sunday), and the positive energy was phenomenal.

- Anna Fern Levitsky

“... Red [Tent] was AMAZING!!! Wow. what a concept, what delivery on the concept. Someone did a ton of work, and really hit the mark. Congratulations, that was relaxing and rejuvenating, and much needed to digest everything that was going on. ... Congratulations and thank you to you three who organized the conference and made it a reality. You had an amazing vision, and lots of courage to take this on. I think with the tweaking that has to occur after the ”first” ANYTHING, you are going to positively affect so many lives. Thank you. I learned a lot.

- Kat Stevens Bradley

“... I want to congratulate all who were involved in manifesting the Time for Our Power Conference. In many ways it was a beautiful event, very ambitious in its scope and detail. I appreciated the vision that brought it to Asheville ... The elements of art and music and song and dance were beautiful. The Red Tent was phenomenal. ...Thanks for all your great work.

- Anne Craig

“... I truly enjoyed the panel speakers the most, wonderful role models! It was also great to know that everyone in the room shared the same affinity for feminism.

- Carrie Pettler

“... It was excellent in every way! I enjoyed every General Session speaker.

- Truly Bracken

“... Wonderful!! Fantastic speakers and conference was very well planned and organized. LOVED the Red Tent!!!

- L.U.

“... It was excellent! The vendors and food room were nicely laid out, the meeting rooms were adequate for the sessions I attended, except for the workshop with Starhawk and Julia. Hearing Jane Fonda was a thrill! and i had such a good time both evenings with the entertainment.

- JT

“... The Time For Our Power conference was just great.  I had such a good time and hope more people come next year.  I'm sure the DVD will help with marketing.

- Sandra

“... A Time for My Power...... yes it is. Just wanted to thank you all for this connecting force of women.  I am 37 years old and would love to see the 20-30's connected into this movement.  Would love to see child care of some design.  Loved volunteering, wonderful experience. 

Red tent rocked... what a great resting grounding place...

- Lori Taranto

“... Congratulations on a wonderful conference. You should all be very proud. But, with all the work that I saw that went into those three days, perhaps the next one should be schedule for ”2010.”

- Ruth K. Hellerman

“... Congratulations on what seems like a remarkable success!  We were delight to be able to be a part of the event. 

- Don Fortuna, Administrator of Community Life at Jubilee! Community Church


“... From the feed back [I’ve] received, your offering reached the heart and soul for many women. I hope you do it all again and bring it on with the same attitude of saying ”YES” to Women! 

I too want to add my blessing to this energetic flow of gratitude.  To see and be part of this amazing weave of women pulling, stretching, reaching, flowing and sharing their gifts of self and spirit, was by far a power message of ”women with wings”.

Sunday after the conference was over, Linda M. and I went to the Red Tent and while we were lounging in one of the pleasure centers, we spontaneously began to roll on the carpet.  The rolling lead us into uncontrollable giggle - it was so contagious it brought in two more giggling goddesses.  Then as seamlessly as it started, it stopped into a meditative silence for all of us.  I found that through Laughter, I had been gifted with 100% integration of all the before and after messages the conference brought my way.  Ahhh  the Red Tent!!!

To all of you, it was a Powerful Pleasure.

- Shelli SuZanne Stanback, workshop leader of ‘Sensational You: Power of Movement’

“... It's Monday and I'm feeling a little woozy, trying to regain my land legs today. I just wanted to immediately get out a thank you to the three of you for the incredible conference. I'm going to try to give you a quote you can use: ”I felt bathed in waves of love, and floated along from one new surprise to another.”

As I was waiting back stage to go on with Sue's band, I was giving thanks and thinking, ”What a great frame for the work of the Goddess. What a paradigm for the future.” Hooray for all of us!

Love and blessings,
- Linda Metzner, composer and poet

“... what a fantastic eve of music.. and thanks you for the wonderful sound crew and organizer... it is not easy to pull off a show with that many different acts but they did a great job..

Thanks for putting yourselves out there in the unknown.... wow........ what a weekend... Love ya,

- Roberta (of The Buckerettes)

“... What a great job everyone did last night at the Time for Our Power performance. The audience loved us and was up and dancing without a verbal invitation. Our drum music creates a special energy that obviously speaks to many. The djembe parts were right on, the dunduns anchored us and drove the rhythms, the rattle added another sound dimension, and the dancers helped us raise the level of our drumming.

I'm still aglow from the evening and am so honored and privileged to share this incredible drumming experience with you all.

And a huge thanks to Betty for recording it all! And how about our own drummer Patty for organizing this conference. YEA! Wimmin, you rock!

- Ann (of Wild Bodema)

“... I was so utterly blown away by each and every one of you on Friday night, I am still basking in the transformation, the holy sacred ground you created together that has forever and always changed each of us and every person at that conference (and probably every person in this sector of the galaxy....).

By end of Saturday, I lost count of the number of people that came up to me and expressed delight, reverence, astonishment, gratitude for what you all created.  I received specific gratitude for each of you, too.  More than one woman asked for a CD from the singing group and the fervant wish that the singing had gone on and on.  More than one woman told me how utterly transformed they were just sitting in the audience experiencing ”those goddesses” (Barrie, Breah and Linda) and ”that harpist” on the stage - oh how could she play so beautifully and still be on her knees?  (if they only knew ”her” .....).  Many women wanted to be part of women processing / drumming and hopefully the Layne Redmond legacy will grow here in this community as a result of what you all are doing and the way you walk it.  Brandi (”in flight” with those orange wings) so captivated one of the women that I know on the evening, that she was uncharacteristically speechless .  One man shared with me that when Brandi came forward to the front of the stage with her wings, that indeed through her and everyone prior to her, that the Divine Feminine was truly alive - that what the poster for the conference (to the side of the stage) was embodying - had exploded into life....  I think that about says it all...

It was also lovely for me to enjoy seeing the organizers receive what you all had to give — that was another of the gifts for me.

May all our dreams continue to come true.  May you all feel the deep blessing of who you are and what you bring to this world.  May the blessings and generosity of your sharing on Friday night be returned to you each ten thousand fold....love and infinite blessings,

- Debra, coordinator of Friday night’s Opening Ceremony

“... The Time for Our Power Conference was an incredible gift to Asheville and to all women who participated. Featuring powerful internationally known speakers, informative breakout sessions and lots of opportunities to connect with inspired women, it was a gathering of the best of the best for women!

- Corrie Woods, Conference Self-Care Weaver

“I thought the conference was a tremendous amount of work, and I am so glad that something like this is being offered in Asheville. I could see it being hugely successful if geared to a larger population of women that are here in this region.

- Barbara Alexander, leader of the Inner Journey Meditation


Goosebumps from start to finish! Thanks (x10)

I want to live here!

Thanks so much for doing this - how serene!
Ruth Hellerman

Beautiful - Divinely Inspired - Thank you!

Simply Perfect - Inspired - All those that created this remembered on soul level how it was

Beautiful, serene, still - thank you for the thoughtfulness!

I Love Love Love this creation - it feels like the home of my heart - Thank you! Thank you!

This is wonderful - every meetng should have one! Thank you!

What a wonderful peace in this room. I even took a nap!

This place is amazing! I didn’t get any sleep all weekend, and The Red Tent was a beautiful place to rest! Thanks

Thank you for creating a safe space - filled with beauty, balance & harmony! Wonderful organization!

Very nicely done! Maybe you could come to my home!

So much love, care, detail & beauty - SWEET! I’m so blessed
Norene - Thank you

Thank you for manifesting the goddess/feminine talk - beautifully done & I do feel your intention in my heart & you & all women have inspired me to move forward

I stepped in & tears sprang from my eyes - a coming home - a gift - a realization

Thank you for creating this opportunity for women to re-enter the womb of love. This is a true manifestation of nurturing space. With great appreciation

My grandmother once told me “The talents you are born with are what God gives to you. What you do with those talents are what you give to God.” Thank you for your ingenuity, creativity, and insight for this beautiful Red Tent and this amazing conference. The 3 of you who fulfilled a collective vision have done so much to help and empower so many women.
Peace, love & kudos
Garen Field

In here I feel deeply connected to my female ancestors and a sense of oneness with the world.

Thank you thank you thank you blessed women!

So feminine.

Resource, refuge, resting place - pray, pause, release, rejoice. I now knew I was homesick for a red tent. Thanks.

This is such a magnificent space! Thank you so much! I am so grateful for your contribution!

Each room a perpetual state of grace - awesome - uplifting - filled love
Betty Anders

Can we do this regularly?

I loved the way you presented the 5 elements & the Feng Shui experience.

Red room was as transformational as everything else in this conference! Thank you!