We believe...
that there is a real hunger among women everywhere to finally give themselves permission to be the fully powerful and amazing beings that they are, and that Time for Our Power! is part of a larger transformation that is happening in this country and around the world. Women all over are waking up to their power!

We believe that there is no force more powerful than a woman who believes in herself, follows her passion and brings her unique gifts to the world. In doing so not only does she benefit, but so do all those around her - her family, friends, community, and ultimately the world.

We also believe that humankind's existence on this planet has never been in such jeopardy. The perils are clear: environmental degradation, global warming, war, nuclear proliferation, widespread human rights abuses. Women are uniquely positioned to spark a much needed revolution in human consciousness. The world is in critical need of feminine energy and perspective, and it has never been more important for us to claim and own our power to bring about change.

Its time!

The Asheville Chamber of Commerce has created a special accommodations page for our conference that lists area hotels offering special rates for conference attendees. You can also click on the green 'where to stay' button on the upper right hand corner of that page to find more accommodations of differing types and price ranges.

Looking to share a ride or a hotel room? Have a bed to offer? Visit the Time For Our Power! Network on Yahoo Groups to post or check out messages.

Asheville is known for its wonderful B&Bs, many of which are within easy walking distance to the downtown area. Visit www.ashevillebba.org for more information.

Or how about luxurious, fully furnished lofts located in the heart of downtown ... just steps away from conference venues, restaurants, galleries and all that downtown Asheville has to offer. Perfect for friends attending the conference together. For details go to: www.AshevilleLuxuryRentals.com and www.AshevilleDowntownCondo.com.